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Industrial Automation

"Smart Factory" Solution

Asia Steel Pipe Corporation: IT turn-key project – implementation of “Smart Factory” solution.

Restoration of the SCADA System in AMG on Zhanazhol Oilfield

Restoration of the SCADA system with the supply of equipment to replace the failed facilities of the KS-13 Zhanazhol gas pipeline.

Modernization of the AMG Yokogawa Control Station,

Stage 2 2020

Reconstruction of the existing control posts with the supply of equipment for the sites, dispatching and engineering posts of HIS in UDN, UGOG. GPZ-1 ZHNGK

Equipment Monitoring of the HPCS Zhanazhol ZHNGC

High pressure compressor station (HPCS).

AMG Telemechanics Line for AGZU, BGRA at the Zhanazhol Field

Installation of a telemechanics system between the AGZU and the control room at the Zhanazhol oilfield.

CBM System

The system of remote control and monitoring of metrological characteristics (CBM) of gas metering unit equipment at production facilities.

Manufacturing Execution System

Specialized software designed to solve the problems of synchronization, coordination, analysis and optimization of output within any production.

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