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Implementation and support of ERP solutions

We provide ERP solutions for all stages of the oil and gas industry

PKI Group
JV Kazgermunai

Asia Gas Pipeline LLP

About client
Asia Gas Pipeline LLP is a project company, managing construction and operation of the Kazakhstan-China Gas Pipeline since 2008 and providing transportation services of transit gas and to the domestic market of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Project scope: Phase 1: FI, FI-FM, CO, PS, MM (completed).

Project type: Implementation & Support.


Coverage of all pipeline processes and development of a template for further deployment of other pipeline companies

Coverage of all internal and external reporting

Integration with all systems of the customer and other external systems (ЗУП, IBM, AGP Portal, Bank etc.)

PKI group of companies

About client
PetroKazakhstan Inc. is a group of companies engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development and production of oil and gas and sale of oil and refined products. All of the Group’s exploration and production operations are located in the South Turgai basin in South and Central Kazakhstan. The Group has interests in thirteen fields, at different stage of development.

Location: Almaty, Kyzylorda, Shymkent (Kazakhstan).

Project scope: FI, CO, MM, SD, PS, PM, HCM, EHS.

Project type: Implementation.


RFI consultants were part of an internal ERP team providing better support (including training, preparing and updating documentation) to users and the continuous improvement of the implemented functionality.

RFI consultants actively participated in optimizing business processes and implementing new modules.

Asia Steel Pipeline Corporation LLP

About client

Asia Steel Pipe Corporation LLP launched the largest industrial facility for the production of large diameter welded steel pipes in the industrial zone of Almaty.

Location: Almaty (Kazakhstan).

Project scope: Phase 1: FI, CO, MM (completed).

Project type: Implementation & Support.


The first phase which covers business analysis processes were implemented in 3 months. The plant is under construction. We develop our solutions in accordance with the best international practices.

Key results: the implemented solution will also be deployed in other manufacturing companies.

JV "Kazgermunai" LLP

About client

“JV “Kazgermunai” LLP is one of the largest companies in oil production industry of Kazakhstan. The company carries out its activity in exploration, development, production and sale of hydrocarbon materials at Akshabulak, Nuraly and Aksai deposits of the South Turgai hollow of Kyzylorda area.

Location: Kyzylorda (Kazakhstan).

Project scope: Phase 1: FI, CO, MM, SD (completed).

Project type: Implementation.

The main task is to provide the client with an ERP system that fully covers its needs.

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